I've been doing freelance writing for various publications over the past ten years. I have done record reviews for websites like musicspork.com, and music magazines such as Kitty Magik.


I was the sports columnist for a free local newspaper in San Diego called Fahrenheit, where I mostly wrote about surfing and skateboarding.


DV magazine did a small offshoot for several years called Xtreme Video magazine. I wrote feature articles including: “Ready, Steady, Go!; Options For Getting Your Action Shots Steady, Smooth and Jitter Free” and  “Fisheye; Livin' Wideangle” .


Most recently I was editor for Issue #12 of Animatrix, the Journal of the UCLA Animation Workshop. Included in the issue is a feature article I wrote called "Experimental Animation from the Beat Generation". I also did an interview with filmmaker Lawrence Jordan.


I have been a guest writer on a skateboarding blog called Blue Tile Obsession.


I am currently playing drums in an experimental Oakland-based band called Brookhaven