I got my dog Zoe in 1999 right before graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute. She accompanied me to school a handful of times when she was just an insecure, shy pup. Over the years she became my best friend and loyal companion, moving with me from SF to southern California. In 2009 she was diagnosed with Lymphoma and passed away four months later.


I made this film of her before her passing and before I even knew she was sick. It's a collage of 16mm and Super 8 film I had shot of her over the years, mostly from our time living in the Bay Area.


I wrote the music for the film, trying to capture both a sense of nostalgia and sweetness, to reflect our time together and her warm and special personality. She is forever in my heart and I'm so glad I have this film to honor and remember her with.


I am currently playing drums in an experimental Oakland-based band called Brookhaven